Alex Fam

Spirited Singer, Songwriter, and Violinist


Alex Fam is a spirited folk/soul singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose lyric-driven songs invite listeners on a journey of self-reflection. Alex grew up playing violin, writing poetry, and putting on musical performances with her siblings on their wooden ship in the back yard. Carrying those creative influences with her, Alex traveled around the world living in France, Canada, China, and England. Wherever she went, she brought her violin or ukulele and used music as a way to communicate with people.


Alex’s passion for enabling communication between human beings inspired her to pursue a degree in speech language pathology. While studying she found herself pulled into music by arranging songs and directing a music group that performed at local nursing and rehabilitation facilities. She also used music as a way to connect with people who had lost language due to brain injury or children who had difficulty developing their language skills. Alex continues to work with children with developmental language disorders in Boston Public Schools and uses music with them as much as possible. 

Alex’s spiritual growth has also been intertwined with her music. After discovering Unitarian Universalism and becoming a part of Sanctuary Boston, an innovative UU worship community with music as a focus, Alex realized how important music was in helping her understand the world and become closer with others in community. It prompted her to become involved in activism, such as coordinating music projects for Movimiento Cosecha, a movement for the respect, dignity and permanent protection of immigrants.

In her original music, Alex uses violin, ukulele, voice, and sometimes a loop pedal to create songs with harmonic layers, poignant lyrics, and improvisation. Alex’s current projects reflect her goal to spread important messages and bring people together in community. Alex is based in Boston, MA. 

Alex’s projects:

House Concerts for Community:

Invite Alex to your house for an afternoon or evening concert! Check out Alex's page about house concerts for more information, testimonials, and photos. 


Alex released her first professionally-produced album in January 2019. The album includes songs to encourage us all to share our gifts with the world. 

Quote Songs:

Alex uses quotes from wise humans throughout history and the present in order to make short songs and illustrations to accompany them. They are little "earworms" that you can carry around with you when you need to hear a certain message. One of Alex's favorite quotes is by Papaji: "Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever stays, let it stay. Whatever goes, let it go." Alex integrates these quote songs into her performances for listeners to sing along. Check it out here:

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou