Alex Fam

Spirited Singer, Songwriter, and Violinist

Alex Fam Collective


The Alex Fam Collective is a folk trio of three friends and experienced musicians who love making music together. As a trio, they masterfully incorporate three part harmonies, improvisation, audience participation, uplifting songs, and impressive instrumentals.

Alex Fam - vocals, violin, ukulele

Emily Theis - vocals, piano, guitar

Priscilla Bel - vocals, guitar, glockenspiel

Here is a clip of the Alex Fam Collective performing an original song "Aliens". Come to a show to hear the full version!

This song was written in response to the fact that human beings are still classified as “aliens'“ on immigration documents in the US, which is an outdated and “alienating” term at the least. It also calls us to question the categories we consciously or unconsciously place people into such as by skin color, country of birth, or gender. We are human, no need to ask for more.